RFG18 – Győr City Centre Parking

Garage with 20 car capacity for long-term storage of vehicles, approachable by a 2 minute walk from Széchenyi Square, Győr. Parking spots are available both below and above the ground level. The garage offers an ideal opportunity for local residents as well as city workers and store owners with the aim of serving key clients.

The (remote control operated) entrance is located at 18. Rákóczi Ferenc Street. Already occupied positions are indicated with color markings on the floorplan below. Regarding the rental of available spots please contact GAVIMMO Kft. or inquire by e-mail at info@gavimmo.hu.

Coordinates: [ 47°41’21.3″N 17°38’12.7″E ] Suggested approach for visitors not yet accustomed to the layout of Győr city centre: Tarcsay St. > Móricz Zs. Emb. > Új kapu St. > Bástya St. > Teleki St. > Rákóczi St. (Clicking here or on the picture opens a Google route planner window).

Parking Rules (in Hungarian): .pdf
Parking Flyer (in Hungarian): .pdf